My goal is to provide everyone with the empowerment they need to be confident! I believe that fitness can inspire and empower others and through helping people reach that goal in their life they are able to go beyond and be conFITdent.  

When I embarked on my physical transformation, the inner transformation became a huge part of the process.  Yes, I've lost over 80lbs through embracing fitness and balancing my love of food, love of self, and found activities I can do at home that I love. 

Since then I have stepped outside of my comfort zone and created my own business. It is so fulfilling to help others reach their goals as I have reached mine, and to encourage others to not only achieve their fitness goals, but find out THEY can be entrepreneurs too. 

All you need is a smart phone, some drive, and the desire to take control of your life. 

Check out my blog for fitness tips and recipes.  Want some accountability?Join a challenge! AND if you've been thinking about taking the leap to live your life as an online health and confidence coach and joining our incredible team, check out the What is Coaching? page and apply

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