My name is Jeannette Holian and I am a wife to my partner, Steve, and momma to my giant furbaby, Gotham.  Steve and I have been married since 2011, and met when I was in grad school.  We live in the DMV area in a small house.  I am a Health and Fitness Coach who found my passion through my own 80+lb weight loss.  

I spent almost my entire life overweight.  I have struggled with binge eating and anxiety, though I did not know it for most of my adult life.  As many of you probably have faced, life was always so busy I was never taking care of myself.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to graduate, go to college (Roanoke College wootwoot), get a degree, but meanwhile be involved in EVERYTHING I possibly could. I wouldn't change a thing, but I really did not take care of myself at all.  

I started grad school at Kent State University in 2009 directly after graduation to achieve my M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration and Student Personnel.  Steve and I started dating that August as well. Again I did not take care of myself and the same poor patterns continued.  After grad school we moved to Georgia for my first full time job.  During this time I struggled with adjusting to my new life, and Steve desperately struggled to find employment. You can imagine how stressful that was. 

At this point, I remember the scale reading 273 lbs. That was a huge eye opener for me.  I had usually compromised with myself saying "well as long as I never hit 200 lbs" "well as long as I'm under a size 22" and on and on until I would break down each of those perameters I had set for myself. 

I started working out and running but I didn't know WHAT I was doing. I wasn't focused on nutrition. I tried to find healthy recipes, I tried vegetarian diets, but ultimately I didn't know anything about portions or what I should be eating.

Eventaully we moved again to the Baltimore area and I finally took control of my health. A friend encouraged me to go to the gym with her and sign up for personal training.  I did and used My Fitness Pal at the same time and the weight started to come off. 

During this time, however, I was under nourishing myself. I wasn't eating the best foods for my body and was eating WAY too few calories so I was also ruining my metabolism. I was cold and irritable all the time, and I was snapping at people because I WAS HANGRY.  

Fast forward again and we moved to where we live now.  I had a very long commute and no time to make it to the gym during the week.  We also found out that our finances were all out of wack. I started to gain weight back between the stress and the lack of exercise.  This is when I decided to sign up as a Team Beachbody coach to get us out of debt and also to get control of my fitness. 

I started using CIZE during the week to get some FUN dance-style cardio in and then lift on the weekends.  I found out that we could totally get rid of our gym membership and get in BETTER workouts at home in 30 minutes rather than 90 minutes. 

Meanwhile I was working as a coach part time while working my full time job.  I lost that weight I gained back plus some. I feel better and have more energy.  My anxiety has significantly changed.  We have since been able to pay off two credit cards worth of debt, and can live far more comfortably and have regular date nights and travel. That's icing on the cake compared to the fact that I have found something that is fulfilling that I LOVE. My job can be heartbreaking so the ability to change the lives of others, help them find inner confidence and see themselves as beautiful is an incredible feeling.  If this story resonates with you at all, I'd love to chat more, just send me an email.