Changing Your Mind About Food

These past two weeks Steve and I have been on a really intense journey with our nutrition. It's called the Ultimate Reset. It's pretty incredible because it's an ENTIRE overhaul of your body and your mind and how you focus on food.  You don't workout on this program. It is ALL about the food.  It comes with all of your supplements and a meal guide full of recipes.  It works in three phases, broken up by week.  

Phase 1 / Week One: Reclaim - This week you remove red meat and slowly remove all animal byproducts from your diet.  You add a lot of water and ensure you're drinking mineralized distilled water all day. You also take two supplements this week.  

Phase 2 / Week Two: Release - This week you have removed all animal byproducts and you are eating vegan meals. You have the same supplements from week one plus an additional "detox" supplement. 

Phase 3 / Week Three: Restore -  You will now remove grain from your diet and eat mostly fruits and vegetables.  Because you just went through the detox phase, your body will be able to absorb all the nutrients properly. 

Sounds scary right? ESPECIALLY for Steve who is kind of picky about vegetables to begin with. AND to think giving up meat and cheese for three weeks - that sounds really hard.  Just like many of you we LOVE the treats and all the yummy goodness. Before the reset started we picked up these beauties. 

Let me tell you that was  a HUGE mistake. They were delicious but on the first day of the detox, I really felt it. Like really. My body ejected it immediately and I got sick to my stomach. But it got better. 

Week one here is what I was feeling: 

  • Day 1 - 2 I had low energy and felt a little nauseous. This isn't typical, I think it was because of the sugar rush the day before
  • Day 3 - 7 I had some light body aches
  • The entire week one I got the most AMAZING sleep
  • I wasn't hungry 
  • I was completely satisfied with my meals
  • I lost 4lbs

Week two

  • I had way more energy than week one
  • I had a little bit of a brain fog and struggled to stay organized 
  • I did not ever feel hungry or have a head ache. Over all I felt great!
  • I was satisfied completely with all of my meals and did not finish some of them
  • I hit a total of 8.4 lbs lost over the two week period. 

Now 8 lbs sounds like a lot in two weeks, and it is. But this is all being done safely. The Reset has gone through clinical trials and you're using all natural foods and ingredients. 

We start week three tomorrow and i'm pretty excited to see our results next Monday.  It hasn't been 100% easy. There are days I would LOVE to eat the pizza or the chocolate cake we were having at a party at work.  There are days that it would be so easy to go out to dinner and grab something. But we made a commitment and I can tell you that I DON'T crave JUNK anymore. Seriously. I can look at the pictures and say "oh yeah that bagel looks amazing" but I don't want to run out and buy it because I'm just thinking of how gross I would feel.

It makes me think of the donuts, yes they were yummy but that was based on a negative relationship with food, that I thought I would lose something rather than GAIN my health through the reset.  I thought that letting go of food that are yummy was BAD. I was labeling food as "good" and "bad" when I should be looking at what NOURISHES ME and how I feel when I eat it. 

All my life I've blamed my inability to stick to a "nutrition" guide as my own failed will power but that's just not true. 

I've been reading Darin Olien's book SUPERLIFE at the same time and I'm learning that I was feeding my body the wrong things causing my gut flora to CRAVE those things. I was making my body work against me. Luckily, these three weeks is totally flipping the switch! 

i'm feeling great but looking forward to getting back to a workout plan soon! I miss my morning sweat. Now it's time for my supplements! Happy Sunday friends!