Get Results: Follow a Plan

So we finally finished the Ultimate Reset

Our outside results were amazing but even more so are the inside results. 

Steve lost 20.4 lbs in THREE WEEKS and trust me, he's picky about veggies!

Steve lost 20.4 lbs in THREE WEEKS and trust me, he's picky about veggies!

In three weeks I lost 12.6 pounds. Steve lost 20.4 lbs. THAT is incredible! We used a plant based diet and supplements to alkalize our body.  Most of us live our lives in a very acidic state and that's not what our body is meant for.  

Our body is made up of more microbes and bacteria than the cells of our body and a lot of that is in our gut.  Our gut balances our bodies and how we react to food. You know that saying "trust your gut" well it applies to what you put into it too.  This was my chance to "reset" my body after a LONG plateau. I lost about 80 lbs and then kept cycling through the same 5 lbs on and off. I think the plateau was adjustment, but I was also not taking responsibility for my actual own mistakes and not following my meal plan as well as I should.

My body has never felt more invigorated. I'm almost one week post reset and while workouts needed more breaks since we weren't allowed to workout during the reset, they felt more focused and effective! I am eating vegan for about 2.5 more weeks and then I'll incorporate some animal protein again.  The Rest is done in three different phases. You can read more here: 

I was incredibly scared of trying out the Ultimate Reset because of my own issues with food and  my own fears with trying new things, but it really taught me that when you follow a plan and don't make excuses, don't deviate from it, you will get results.  

I have restarted 21 day fix which I haven't done in over a year. I'm almost done with week 1 and I'm feeling great! Stay tuned for those results!


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