10 Last Minute Gifts for your Fit Friends under $50

Sometimes we wind up with the last minute friends that we cannot find a gift for and we're rushing around not sure of what someone might have, what they might like.  Well, if you have friends who are fit friends or your swolemates here are some last minute gifts you can grab for the fit girl in your life! Happy shopping!


1. Fun Workout Tanks

There are fun workout tanks for everyone. Find something that fits her personality. Maybe she loves donuts, maybe she loves to run and drink wine! Get something that fits her personality and help keep her workout motivation up with a fun new outfit!


2. Fruit Infused Water Bottle 3-in-1 Protein Shaker Bottle

PERFECT for the fit girl on the go! This makes drinking your water way more fun with the ability to give it calorie free clean flavor. It comes with a recipe book too to help you out. Then after their workout they can use it as a shaker bottle to mix up their favorite Shakeology! It even comes with a bag to prevent any accident leaks! 


3. Remind Them of their Potential 

We all have our moments where we forget out absolutely incredible we are - why not remind your friend with some motivational words from Jen Sincero, heck get yourself a copy while you're at it. This book is guaranteed to help you realize your potential and start kicking ass immediately no matter where you need the help in life: work, friends, fitness. She will be starting off January ahead of everyone else with this book.  

4. Fitness Jewlery 

Um hi pretties AND it's fitness related - PERFECTION and with this particular necklace you're supporting a small business owner on Etsy (follow her @fembydesign on instagram). Her stuff is super cute and perfect to get for your fitfriends!


5. Meal Prep Containers

This is definitely a gift for your more practical friends who like gifts that are sensible.  BUT no fitgirl's life is complete without some amazing prep-containers and if she's using bits and pieces of old ziploc containers her mom gave her she will love having a new organized set of prep containers. 


6. No-Slip Comfy Headbands

I can't say enough good things about Fitness Fox Headbands. First of all it's a small business owned and run by women. Second of all these headbands do what they promise. They stay put and NO headaches and they come in the most FUN patterns and colors and styles! There is something for every personality.  


7. The Popflex Magic Scarf 

Uhm can we talk about this BEAUTIFUL reversible scarf?! Of course scarves are always great gifts, but this one is a little extra special It comes with the option to have the solid as plum or black and is a great staple to brave the cold with it's double wrap infinity pattern.  The fabric is also nice and breathable for throwing on to brave the cold after a good sweat. Also, just about ANYTHING from Popflex is amazing. 

8. Protein Doughnuts

DOUGHnuts are a healthy alternative to the average donut. Also, they are the perfect substitute for a protein bar.  And they come in tons of yummy flavors. These DOUGHnuts are baked with healthy ingredients and are baked not fried.  They come plain and you get to apply the toppings that go with the flavors that are ordered as you like and they are shipped FRESH a fun way to stay on track during the holidays for your fit friend.  

9. DAT MAT Yoga Mats

Whether they are a yogi or use it for ab exercises, you can get some super fun Yoga Mats from DAT MAT like this pizza one, they also have donuts and cats so WIN!

10. Mini foam roller

Let's face it, not everyone has space for a large foam roller but it definitely helps alleviate some of those aches and sore muscles.  This is the perfect size for travel to and from the gym and can pop right into your friends bag!