Getting Rid of my IUD

Two years ago I got an IUD put in
At this point I saw my weight loss slow down
That's totally normal
But you all have seen how much I kick my ASS every day

I watch my nutrition and never miss a workout and for that I have been disappointed at how slow and minimal my results have been. 

Is my nutrition perfect? NO but I should not have the fluctuation issues I do. ESPECIALLY when I do the more strict plans. 
Have I seen my body still change? YES but it doesn't feel right. 
And this has lead to me feeling discouraged and wanting to give up

A year ago I thought about removing it and chickened out. 
Tomorrow I am removing my IUD and avoiding hormonal birth control going forward. 

Listen let me be clear I DO NOT expect a quick fix
I DO NOT expect to stop being on point with nutrition and exercise
I just expect this to impact the result and what I SEE

Before you message me telling me I'm wrong this is a conversation for ME and my doctor. 
I am lucky to have women who have told me THEIR stories of how getting rid of hormonal birth control made a difference. 

Look there is no substitute for nutrition and exercise NONE but if
Something feels off, try it. Look into it. Trust yourself
I'm looking forward to sharing my experience with you all and would appreciate your support ❤️ Check out my video for more here: