Welcome to my little space on the internet. Over the last 4 years I have found value in sharing the messes I go through in my life with others. Women have felt embarrassed or ashamed to talk about a lot of what we go through: mental health, trying to be perfect, fertility issues, mother hood, body issues. You name it.  It's plaguing all of us and this lack of freedom to share our stories keeps us feeling isolated and alone. Through sharing my struggles I have found that many of us are the same. I have also learned from others where I may need to grow or be challenged more.  

Sharing the messes I go through gives them meaning and purpose. Because if my experiences with weight-loss, hypothyroidism, infertility, anxiety, trichotillomania, sexual abuse, and whatever can help someone else get through it because i did, then I feel like all of this wasn't for nothing. 


Hypothyroidism Weight Loss


From hitting my heaviest at 273lbs, to losing 90lbs to gaining some back after multiple miscarriages and a hypothyroidism diagnosis I've tried about 100 different diet, meal, exercise plans. You probably have tried the same ones. 

Now I'm about finding what works best for my body, finding how to love my body along the way, let go of my own expectations of my weight loss journey, and the expectations of society. 

Infertility & Miscarriages


We waited years to start our family thinking it was never the right time. 

I always had this weird feeling it wouldn't be an easy road for us, and it hasn't. 

After 3 miscarriages and finding nothing wrong, we're doing what we can to just keep trying and I'm sharing our struggles, the good bad and ugly.  

Anxiety & Trichotillomania


Trichotillomania has been the devil on my back for a long time. 

I always struggled with hiding it from people and feeling unsafe and uncomfortable in a lot of social situations. 

I've now kind of "embraced" that this is one of the stories in my life.  I can choose to ignore it or face it head on. I believe a pull-free mindset doesn't mean you're perfect but that you can let go of the stress and tension when you DO pull and you can find ways to face trich and live your best life and that it will look different for everyone.