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What if I told you FREEDOM was just around the corner?

What if you could finally gain control over your behaviors for good? You could control your trichotillomania?


What if I told you that while your disorder has impacted you in huge ways, you can start to gain control over your disorder and no longer let IT control you?

My name is Jeannette Holian. I have struggled with allowing my behaviors to control me. Both my eating habits through binge eating and allowing food to be an emotional crutch and trichotillomania.  Trichotillomania is Body Focused Repetitive Behavior Disorder where you pull hairs out of your body (you can read more about it here).  Yes, I  still HAVE trichotillomania but I have FREEDOM from the disorder's control. 

I have struggled with trichotillomania and binge/emotional eating since I was 10 years old. That is over 20 years. I was told that trichotillomania was impossible to stop. 

I was told I would need years of therapy to get to the bottom of my hair pulling, pay thousands of dollars for cognitive behavioral therapy.

I would have to dig into my past to really understand and create change. 

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I paid hundreds and thousands of dollars trying to cover it and hide it.  Not to mention, the emotional and social toll of trying to hide this heart breaking disorder.

I found none of those things to be helpful, in fact they made them WORSE. 

The same thing doesn't work for everyone but NOW, I'm going to share what has helped me stop pulling and live a life of freedom every day!

Check out my BLOG to learn more about my journey with trichotillomania or watch the video above. 

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