It's Funny How It All Starts: The Journey to Helping Others with Trichotillomania

3 years ago we bought our house.  It was in July that I started coaching people through their health and fitness journeys while I kicked mine back off.  I started coaching in order to help make some extra income for my family. We were in a bad place, but through it I found that I LOVED helping women make connections that she couldn't make on her own. 

  • Why she was emotionally turning to food
  • Why she was afraid to let go of the weight
  • Why her struggles with weight have lasted so long
  • Giving her a community of support to turn to
  • Giving her a toolbox to use but she had to use the tools. 

See I went to school for Higher Education - I got my Master's of Education because I wanted to help guide college students. I enjoyed what I did - but I think this was guiding me to my future purpose.  

I spent years trying to fit my trichotillomania.  YEARS FIGHTING. AND FIGHTING. 

One day - it clicked. Why am I not applying the same principles to weight loss, binge eating, emotional eating, to THIS? 

You see when I tried to fight my binge eating urges, when I tried to starve myself, none of it worked. But when I started to take care of my anxiety, my stress, and my emotions, it helped me learn how to tune into my body more. 

So I did the same thing with the intention of ending my pulling.

I started to say positive things to myself.

  • I am not going to pull my hair because I don't feel good when I do
  • I can stop pulling my hair
  • I have trichotillomania but I do not let it define me 
  • I can overcome my trichotillomania 
  • I don't have to fight this I can work with it
  • My disorder causes me to pull, but I can over come my disorder 

I started to celebrate small victories and victories like doing the work necessary RATHER than celebrating ONLY pull free days. I celebrated the moments i stopped pulling, I celebrated the moments i could get hair cuts. 

Even more than that - I started to love myself. I started to share this journey and stop seeing it as something I had to hide. I stopped seeing it as shameful. Because WHY am i ashamed of something I can't control? We are ashamed because we are told to be. JUST like how we are told to be ashamed of our bodies and our fat.  We hear so many terrible messages about what we should be like, how we should respond. 

Let me tell you something, we think trichotillomania is WEIRD and so we hide it and then this shame and pain makes us dig into it even more.  Let me tell you something, EVERYONE does something "weird" to deal with their stress and anxiety. We also do this because of a COMPULSION. It's not a choice. WE KNOW THIS. YET we still blame ourselves. We still feel ashamed and we still feel alone.  

But you're not alone. 

Once you start to just FCKING LOVE YOURSELF bald spots and all THAT is when you can make the change. When you can celebrate the work you're doing for yourself every day - to not pull because of how it makes you FEEL not because of how it makes you look, that's where the magic starts.  ANY change I truly made and stuck to was because I wanted to be strong and love myself.  


This doesn't mean I feel perfect and love myself in every moment. Just like ANY relationship, sometimes it takes work. Sometimes it takes reminding yourself that you have worth, that you are beautiful, that you are strong.  

AND THAT is how I have found that there are certain behaviors you can do daily to 

  • Build your self-love and self-worth
  • Develop the tools to stop pulling through daily mindset development
  • Learn to stay present in the moment 
  • Create a mind and body connection so you can stop pulling as soon as you recognize it
  • Make it work for you since everyone is so different. 

This is how i developed my $12 course to help you develop your OWN pull free life and what that means for you, what works for you, what makes you feel GOOD and like you've overcome your trichotillomania.  You get lifetime access to the videos and documents to help you get through this.  

Try using these tips above to work on loving yourself and see if it can help you start to work on your trich. I know I compare it to a fitness journey, and maybe you've never been on one THAT IS OKAY.  Just think of it as any life change - it takes time, it takes work, it takes patience, and it takes trust in yourself.  Work on these things. And if you STILL feel stuck check out my course HERE!