Life Failures

What is something you THOUGHT you really wanted but then realized you were wrong. 
Was it your college major? A relationship? 
You know a year ago I decided to try to work from home in order to nurture a family while running my own business. 
It seemed like this bomb dream job, but over that year I learned that it wasn’t for me. 
I loved spending time helping my committed clients and coaches. 
I loved coming up with fun free challenges
But I hated feeling like a failure for not helping EVERYONE
I hated not having a clear vision while I was surrounded with others who knew exactly what they wanted
I hated feeling less than
I hated working hours and hours for what seemed like little traction
And that lack of traction was all because of my own lack of vision. 

I’m really grateful for the BS that’s conspired in the last few months that’s helped me get back into a full-time job that I truly enjoy
I’m really grateful that I have seriously the most supportive husband who pushes me every day and tells me how proud of me he is. 

As a perfectionist it can be really hard to feel like you “failed” but that’s why I never see changing your path as a failure. Everything we due in life propels us toward our true north as long as we are true to ourselves in moments of choice. 
Do I date this person or not? 
Do I take the job or not? 
Do I quit my job or not? 
Every time I’ve made hard choices I’ve been rewarded EVEN if it didn’t seem like it at the time.  I'm really happy with the balance I'm working on now and the ability to find what I need out of life I got from my Network Marketing company which I still love, am still active with. Being a beachbody coach has been a game changer because I would NOT be here right now without it.