Fierce and Free Coaching


Fierce and Free Coaching


This is a ONE TIME payment for 6 months of INDIVIDUAL coaching to release your Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors. 

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This is my most in depth and personalized program!


I don’t remember the first day I pulled but I remember the feeling I felt when I learned the type of pulling that made me feel good. 20 years of this behavior, it felt completely impossible to stop. Especially because it was a losing battle. Pulling FELT good.

I remember the release I would get

But I also remember what it felt like to feel completely out of control. Like I was in a prison in my body. That I couldn’t stop what seemed like this ONE simple thing.  Why can’t I control my own hands?

I remember feeling different.  I remember having people make fun of me while hair surrounded my desk in high school. But even the people making fun of me wasn’t as bad as the feeling of captivity. This feeling that I had no freedom to live my life.

I couldn’t go swimming

I couldn’t get caught in the rain

I couldn’t get my hair done for prom

I couldn’t get my hair done for weddings

I couldn’t get hair cuts like others

I couldn't have my hair in fun styles

I couldn’t just throw my hair in a ponytail

I couldn’t share rooms or bathrooms with people without being nervous

My self-esteem and self-love took a huge hit.  It feels impossible to love yourself when you feel as if you're also destroying your own body and have to no control over your own ability to stop. 

So not ONLY did I have the anxiety related to this behavior, BUT I had the anxiety of constantly HIDING the behavior. The days my hair pieces weren’t cooperating made work and school stressful.  

I have paid thousands of dollars either trying to “fix” or “hide” this behavior

I can’t even add up how much I’ve spent on

  • Wigs and hair pieces

  • Essential oils

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Therapy

  • Programs that promised to help me “quit”

These are all great but here is the kicker.

NONE of these things offered accountability or spport. NONE

They were either something that I had to see if I could maybe “track” changes on my own which turns out made me focus on my pulling MORE and made me do it even WORSE.

OR they were something I purchased and had NO support with.

Now THERAPY did offer support, but the focus was more on learning from my past, replacement behaviors, covering my fingers in tape, and getting to the root of the past.  It wasn’t about the present and how to stay in the present moment in a way I felt good about. Instead I was just trying to “blame” events from my past for my behavior rather than really dealing with strategies that work for me NOW.  You see I had forgiven my past. I had forgiven the people who hurt me, but I was STILL pulling. Now CBT works for a lot of people, but again, not for me, and I did not want to try medication for something that may or may not work.

I know some of the above have helped tons of people but if you’re like me and feel you have spent money and have not seen the changes that others have seen with the same methods, than I think my coaching is EXACTLY what you need to finally make changes.

I have created this program not to ONLY help people with trichotillomania like me, but also dermatillomania and nail biting

This program is for people who are TRULY ready to live a life of freedom and are willing to do the WORK to release themselves from their behavior. 

When you are done with this 6 month coaching program you will

  • Have a sense of control over your pulling, picking, or biting disorder and see a reduction in the behavior if not quit altogether

  • Effective ways to monitor your behavior

  • See a reduction in response to stressors and anxiety and build tools to move forward with this behavior change on your own

  • Feel confident in your ability to combat this disorder

  • Be able to stay in the present moment, recognize how you’re feeling, and change your choice

  • Have a sense of freedom and release

SO the question is ARE YOU READY to finally take CONTROL and take ACTION? This comes down to your commitment and readiness to finally RELEASE these behaviors FOR GOOD!